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Fixed numerous crashes when sign states for serials of ~200 characters or maybe more would crash the debugger, incoming or outgoing.

Fastened bug wherever soon after setting ethernet parameters by means of system information, the Software wouldn't fully refresh.

Created cresnet master to slave uploads additional robust by waiting for "XMODEM" then "C" for two-sequence strategy, or simply numerous "C"s for console strategy (iLux). Also implement ready and XmodemCancel if anything fails or is canceled early.

When including a Test XX Be a part of command, prompt the consumer so as to add affiliated occasions Except if an function for that be a part of is previously current. Previously only checked kind so the moment 1 digital was checked, the user wouldn't be prompted any more.

Optimized some initial link operations to hurry up detection and remove some doable troubles.

Set serial communications where by they may get stuck. Often (immediately after big flows of knowledge?) the information handler could well be flooded with messages telling it data was ready. Now when we Completely ready data in the port, we fluch any remaining "Data Completely ready" messages.

ProgramStop for 2Series strategy, Adjusted timeout to 15s / 45s. Also report error if we do not get yourself a pormpt.

FileSystemDeleteTree - Was blindly deleting all documents beneath the path specified even if it did not exist which casued some products (TPMC-ten) to report an error and thus kick from transfers.

This install replaces the aged text console by using a new a lot better Instrument. Workspaces saved with the aged text console are going to be loaded without any textual content console windows. You'll need to open up new text console windows and re-save the workspace at the time to transform these workspaces to make use of the new textual content console.

Fastened bug canceling pending products. Could quite possibly get inside of a state the place it would start Each individual and terminate instantly leading to an entire bunch of examine requests sent w/o waiting for a prompt.

Changed cresnet load get started examining for XModem. We now will have to see 4 consecutive "C"s with no other textual content among. If we see anything else, we reset our count to 0. We also flush recieve between each Check out, so In addition it website really wants to see practically nothing until an area is shipped, triggering One more "C"

Deal with which should really solve lots of swap-to retry messages. Especially when changing handle although Toolbox is trying to connect to a vacant IP handle.

Let many World wide web and Mobility jobs of precisely the same sort for being loaded with automatic cleanup of previous projects.

Manufactured to appear far more like the program load dialog where the filename is demonstrated with separate search and mail buttons.

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